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Because every day life happens and everyday we could all use a little hope, a little realness and a bit of inspiration.  


In 2017 I found myself defeated. I was in a funk. I wasn't where I wanted to be. I had things people dreamed of having but I wasn't happy. There had to be more. I felt lost. I felt like I had been dropped off in a dessert with no direction. I sat in front of a mirror and had a major heart to heart conversation with myself. What did Arie want? What changes did Arie have to make to make her dreams come to pass.... 

I picked up a pen and paper and began to write. That notebook turned into #1 best seller new release on amazon December 2017. "Fight the Funk & Slay in Everyway" 

111  DAY


Check out the "111 Day Cleanse Planner" 

a guide to your NEW Journey with Arie Rose.


It's not easy being a woman, it's not easy being a mom, it's not an easy job being a single mom! You know those 5 pounds you gained, well it's not easy to get up and burn them! But guess what we all have the option to get up and get shit done or sit down and let life take us over!

Life can be overwhelming!

We as women have so many things on our plates and things we have to deal with on a daily! I personally am a single young mom, an entrepreneur, a child of God, who HAS to stay in shape (bc I like to be in shape) lol (even tho like most I sometimes hate working out) , chase my dreams, graduate college, pay my bills.. OH AND TRY AND DATE! Sheesh!


There is no way we only get 24 hours a day and ONLY 7 days a week!!!


At one point I felt like there was no way to do it all, but I KNEW I HAD to do it ALL! So I stocked up on books, read blogs, found mentors, took classes and got closer to God and guess what... Here I am! Enjoying my journey and balancing it all.